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Refurbishing and Delivering a 10-Colour Komori Within 2 Months

Refurbishing and Delivering a 10-Colour Komori Within 2 Months

White Horse Machinery has undertook a significant refurbishment project to deliver a 10 colour Komori from its former home in Belgium to its new home in South America within the span of only 2 months. Having purchased this beautiful 2010 Komori LS1040P press, White Horse Machinery were able to find a luxury book printer who quickly travelled to Belgium to see the press in operation.

After extensive print and quality tests had proven the 10 Colour press’ performance, White Horse Machinery agreed to deliver it as a fully refurbished press; this involved dismantling and carefully marking up the press and transporting it to WHM’s cleaning facility.

The refurbishment process involved cryogenically cleaning the press, powder coating all the guards and footboards, repainting the press with high quality paint which involved providing rust protection, and stripping down the press for diagnostics, replacement of worn parts and re-assembly of the press in WHM’s workshop. The final press was then ready for shipment, the WHM logistics team were able to quickly turnaround the press in 4 containers and have it shipped to its new home in South America in just 30 days.

The 10 Colour Press in its Original Home in Belgium

The 10 colour press was dismantled and moved to WHM’s cleaning facilities where the skilful team of engineers and cleaners restored the beautiful press to its pristine original factory condition.

The Press Being Restored to its Original Glory (Before Cleaning & Refurbishment)

The entire cleaning process took around 2 months and had a team of 7 engineers and cleaners working on it. The press was initially very dirty, to restore it, WHM used cryogenic and ultrasonic methods of cleaning it of all the paint, powder and other residues, with all panels being removed for this process – which followed a final hand clean to get it back to its original condition before it was fully restored inside and out.

Process of Cleaning the Press

The press had some hefty wear and tear, the cleaning team had to repaint most of it.

Painting & Refurbishing the Press

Every single panel had to be restored to their original factory condition and then repainted.

Restoration & Painting of Body Panels

After the long and difficult process of cleaning, restoring and repainting the press, each unit began to be refurbished to restore it to its original condition. The paint used was electrostatic 2-pack paint, specifically made for WHM which is impervious to day to day chemicals in a modern-day printing facility.

Refurbishment of the 10 Colour Press

After the extensive refurbishment process which involved new parts, re-wiring and much more, the press could finally be re-assembled with it’s newly cleaned, restored and repainted body panels.

Re-Assembly of the 10 Colour Press

After careful re-assembly of the press and testing, the 10 colour Komori was finally ready to be carefully placed into containers and be shipped to its new home in South America.

Ready for Shipment

The press finally arrived safely to its new home after less than 30 days where it was once again re-assembled to customers exact wishes, leaving the customer with a big smile and a big recommendation for WHM.

Arrival & Re-Assembly of the 10 Colour Press

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